02 March 2009

Georgia is closed today

It started snowing yesterday around noon. The snow fell in big, lacy flakes. As the afternoon wore on we accumulated about 4 inches of wet snow.

About 3pm the gunshots started. Not real guns, but the sound of pine branches breaking off sounds like a gunshot. My neighbors and I skidded around the parking lot as we moved our cars to spaces that were not located under trees. It was rather funny seeing Chinese, Indian, Korean, and American folks shouting and directing each other to new parking spaces. We were all laughing and shaking our heads in amazement at the unusual snowfall.

Grad students making a snowman

My electricity went out around 4pm and didn't come back on until 3am.

This morning the sun is shining on accumulated snow that has frozen solid in the cold temperatures (about 29F at 9am). We're supposed to warm up this afternoon to about 45F.

The University of Georgia is closed for the day, as are many other regional schools and businesses. YAY!!!! Snow day!!! It does feel odd not having school for weather that where I grew up we'd likely be wearing shorts and laughing at all the southern drivers that can't hack driving on sanded roads. I am not going to complain about the snow day however. It is a nice break.

Snow on Dogwoods