25 January 2007

Lowveld Botanical Gardens

Since these are pictures from the Lowveld Botanical Gardens in Nelspruit, South Africa, I'll start with a flower shot. However, I spent most of my time looking at trees, fruits, seeds, and leaves. Most of the plants were not in flower.

Dwarf Coral Tree - Erythrina humeana

Confluence of Nels Spruit and Crocodile River

The stream is named after the Nels brothers.

Crocodile River Nelspruit, South Africa

There were no crocodiles seen or harmed in the photographing of this river.

Sausage tree - Kigelia africana
No word yet on when the location of the Bacon tree will be revealed.

A primatology opportunity.

Mom and baby - Vervet monkeys

Eating papaya for breakfast. My shots aren't that close because I didn't want to disturb them while they were eating.

Troop with babies.

Red-leaved fig - Ficus ingens fruits

Knobbly fig - Ficus sansibarica

Bottle tree - Pachypodium namaquanum

KwaZulu-Natal Cycad - Encephalartos natalensis

Fever Tree - Acacia xanthophloea

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