13 March 2007

Plug for Ecological and Environmental Anthropology Journal

I am no longer officially working at the online journal Ecological and Environmental Anthropology, but I am going to put in a plug for them. Hey, you never know who's reading. They're accepting submissions for the next issue. Plus, you can check out past issues online for free (video too).

Call for submissions

Ecological and Environmental Anthropology (EEA) is an online,
peer-reviewed journal produced in the Department of Anthropology at
the University of Georgia. The editorial board of EEA is pleased to
announce a call for submissions from diverse disciplines including
anthropology, conservation biology, ecology, environmental studies,
geography, political science, and sociology, as well as from
professionals specializing in conservation, health, resource
management and other fields related to human ecology.

EEA 's mission is to engage in exploration of the complex and dynamic
relationships between humans and their social and physical
environments. We hope to provide fertile ground for integrative dialog
among the subfields of anthropology. We also hope and foster
interdisciplinary discussion among academic anthropologists, scholars
in other social and natural science disciplines, and non-academic
professionals in all fields engaged in the study of human-environment
relationships. Through the journal's online format, EEA takes full
advantage of technological innovations that aid in the dissemination
of research in ecological and environmental anthropology. In addition
to traditional manuscripts, we encourage submissions that take full
advantage of the electronic medium and push the boundaries of
conventional scholarly communication. Acceptable formats range from
audio/visual presentations to online symposia. Submissions will
present original research, critical reviews of published works, and
new eco-cultural models and paradigms.

Potential authors and other interested parties should visit to our web
site http://www.uga.edu/eea for submission guidelines and in order to
view previous issues of EEA. Submitted manuscripts that do not conform
to EEA's submission guidelines will be returned to the author(s).
Electronic submissions are preferred, and should be sent to

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  1. Was quite refreshing to see my country of birth beeing rediscovered, by the young people of the world . After the Dark Period 1974-198... delapidation and exodus causing total desintegration. It's flowering
    again and will give the promissing
    fruits it was designed to give. An Oasis in Africa.