02 July 2008


June has passed all too quickly and now I wonder where the time went. I certainly wasn't moping around, although I did feel tired of just being on occasion.

I got back into the swing of running every day. This Friday I am running the Peachtree 10K. A footrace in Atlanta that attracts over 65,000 runners and just as many if not more spectators. I'm thinking of running with a camera. I've never done that, but it could be fun to take snaps of the crowds and the runners along the route.

I also started a kickboxing class. It is something I have always wanted to try. This morning, I'm in a little pain. I pulled/strained my right tricep doing hooks and upper cuts. My teacher, Ms. Carter, says it was probably because I was trying to punch too hard. Punching a bag is excellent therapy for all sorts of emotional upset. It felt worse last night.

I now have about a week to get my paper on fire ethnoecology under control so that I can present it at the Conservation Biology meetings. Ugh. Text analysis is painful.

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